Earth Club participated in making “Arc of Infinity”: Longest Graffiti on sustainability

Members in Progress
Members in Progress

In the back drop of International Seminar “In the planet of our own” based on the theme of sustainability, IDC and IIT Bombay attempted a world record on 1 Nov 2009, by creating a longest “Graffiti” ever made called “Arc of Infinity”.

Earth club members by participating in the effort, contributed a healthy stretch of around 70 m.

With the enthusiastic participation and involvement of the students and visitors, we were able to attain the mark of 800 m (840 m to be exact) thus making the longest Graffiti ever made in the world.

The Graffiti itself was sustainable as it was prepared from the old news papers collected from the students on the campus. The participants contributed their expressions about sustainability on the Graffiti; in the form of thoughts, messages, paintings, calligraphy, & signature.

This event was the largest ever sustainable drive in the campus involving a minimum of 300 participants or more.

The Graffiti was displayed in “Infinite Corridor”—longest corridor in IIT Bombay— for three consecutive days, where the students/visitors appreciated it.


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