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My Concerns: IIT Bombay Brain-storms for a Green Campus


We believe being part of IIT Bombay, one of the most prestigious institutes in the world, it is our responsibility to give-back to the IITB community and the country as a whole. We are therefore determined to contribute to the institute by making it a Green campus in next 10 years.

At earth club we respect Ideas and provide them a free-space to thrive and grow. We have worked on various ideas like compartmentalized-dustbins, tracking the food-wastage per day in hostels, contributing articles in magazines of the institute, and e-waste management to name a few.

The e-waste management is one of the largest projects taken-up by the club till now. And it is in its final stages of implementation. We have also embraced some long-term ideas like making IITB campus green in a decade, lobbying for green policy of the institute etc.

For instance, in the wake of IITB expansion, we see many new buildings mushrooming in the campus each new day, only at the expense of many trees and other vegetations. To compensate this loss, a “Tree Plantation Drive” can be a possible idea, which can be conceptualized and executed along all other stake-holders like students, management, administration, vendors etc.

The members of the club often discuss and contemplate as to how as individuals the daily carbon footprints can be reduced? A few of the ideas are simple, yet novel and interesting to ponder and promote, for instance, preferring a brisk walk than a tum-tum ride, early-to-bed and early-to-rise (maximum utilization of Sun-light), turning-off PCs when not in use and so on. IITB is the only one among its fraternity that promotes trans-disciplinary engagements; therefore, idea of choosing subjects related to sustainability, environment, and energy can also be materialized so as to understand the issues more comprehensively.

“My Concerns” is an idea generation drive initiated by “The Earth Club, IITB” in this direction. We are looking for your ideas and concerns that can be taken-up by the club for making the campus green.

Please contribute your idea/concern by responding to this piece or you can mail us at: –

To JOIN US please send your request at


One Comment

  1. Sanchit Mittal replied:

    Wow.. i really liked the ideas in “My Concern”, now it seems my concern also. It should really change the scene of IIT Bombay and will surely make students have some responsibility in their mind while doing anything.

    All the Best Earth Club

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