What is Earth Club…

Earth club is a conglomeration of students who share a common value – sustainability. We meet up, discuss and then carve out ways of improving the state of our campus in the context of sustainability. The activities include recommendation to institute, awareness campaigns and creating a common platform to transform our campus into a green campus. Check out our projects page for more idea.

Introduction to Earth Club

The Earth Club, IIT Bombay is committed to create a sustainable future for the institute campus and the world. We aspire to demonstrate excellent community leadership and through our initiatives, strive to inspire and empower campus residents to be responsible towards the campus environment. Also, the Earth Club will prepare a platform for motivated students, academicians, leaders and corporate to address the challenge of climate change and sustainability as we grow.

Our fundamental belief is social, environmental and economic sustainability. Members of the Earth Club always strive to make sustainable practices an integral part of every one’s stay on campus and beyond. We constantly inspire each other into actions and support each other in our Green projects and activities, which encompasses all the three sustainability aspects of our fundamental belief.

The Club follows a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach to bring the issue of sustainability on the agenda of the administration, Faculty and students of the institute. Top-down efforts include lobbying for institutional policy changes or modifications, introducing new policies on the issues of climate change, energy conservation, water and food wastage etc.

The Bottom-up efforts include direct involvement of the student and faculty community. The Climate Change is a trans-generational, trans-continental and a complex phenomenon which can be addressed only when understood in a comprehensive way both in a holistic and a detailed manner. Therefore the club promotes activism activism, and educational and research activities by involving motivated and committed individuals from different departments of the institute with different expertise and skill sets.

To achieve the club vision we are involved in Green projects which can be implemented at institute level. As we grow, the Earth club will organize and drive social activities, sustainability symposium, conferences and lecture series of experts and leaders from all over the world and will spear-head and represent the students’ community of India in mitigating the climate change problem & environmental issues.

The Earth Club, IIT Bombay will reflect its sustainability philosophy, initiatives and activities through its blog at . Please respond to the articles and blogs that our members have contributed. You can also send your articles, suggestions and feedback at

Reduce, Reuse and recycle

~ Gyalpo, Ankit, Shalini



  1. vaibhav dugar replied:

    hey this a great initiative… wishing you all the luck and best wishes.

    • Gyalpo replied:

      Thanks vaibhav for the wishes!

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