Action Members

The page is dedicated to all those people who have devoted a great deal of time from their schedule for the cause of sustainability in IIT Bombay.

1. Gyalpo
Gyalpo - Image Gyalpo is pursuing his Masters in Management from SJM School of  Management, IIT Bombay.

Associated With : Entrepreneurship-Garage, Earth club

Interests : Sustainability, Clean Technology, Environment, Climate change, Entrepreneurship, leadership, Social businesses

Vision: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability will be the corner stones of India’s Leadership and growth

Networks at : Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Blog


2. Ankit Mittal
Ankit Ankit is pursuing his Dual Degree (BTech/Mtech) in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Has interests in Climate Change Mitigation, Zero Waste Methodologies, Green Technologies, Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.

He has done internships with Lupin Pharmaceuticals for increasing energy efficiency in their processes and with Center of Public Policy, IIM Bangalore for an Energy Metabolism Modeling assignment.

Big Idea : 100% literate and Informed citizens are an asset to a country.

Worst Idea: The economic crisis is over.

Networks at : Blog, Facebook, Twitter,

3. Shalini
Shalini is pursuing her Maters in Interaction Design (M.Des) from Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay

Associated with : Earth Club and SEARCH Foundation,
She has done projects in NREGA/NREGS.
Interests : Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship, Rural Area Development, Youth Empowerment,
Useful Design Solutions, Leadership, Environment & Climate change
Networks  : Blog1, Blog2


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