Bar-Camp 6 Experience:


I and Ankit attended Bar-Camp 6, on 11 Oct 2009. We gave a presentation on “India’s stand on climate change and role of sustainable campuses”. We chose this topic keeping in view  COP15 meeting to be held in Copenhagen in December, 2009. The importance of this meeting can be ascertained by the very fact that scientists and leaders have recognized COP15 as the last chance for countries to agree on climate change mitigation and adaptation accord before climate change takes charge and become the ultimate devastating experience ever seen by Humanity.

The presentation mainly explains India’s position on climate change that is to be presented in COP15 and arguments underlying Indian Stand.

We believe, top-down approaches like COP15, policies and accords should be complimented by a simultaneous bottom-up approach by involving people on individual level.

Earth club, IIT Bombay envisages sensitizing the students of today and leaders of tomorrow towards the issue of sustainability and environment by creating a chain of sustainability students clubs in various institutional campuses in India.

If your campus is working in sustainability and would like to join hands with us, write to us at:

Find the presentation here India’s_Stand_On_Climate_Change[1]-1[1]


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  1. Anirudh replied:

    Enough posters have been stuck about electricity and water saving in all the hostels. Even though, they have had enough affect on many people, we still have a huge space for saving both electricity and water. For saving water, I believe that, if all the taps that are present in the bathrooms are changed to “press/push down” type, we will be able to stop loss of unused running water.

    And as far as electricity is concerned, lighting appliances for gardens in all hostels have to remaina shut unless there is an event. I have observed that in many hostels (For example: H 13), there is a flood light for lighting the garden between the wings, which is completely unnecessary.

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